Mansard Loft Conversion Plans

Mansard Loft Conversion Plans

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Mansard Loft Conversion Plans

A mansard loft conversion can be a valuable way to add more space to your roof structure, giving your existing property a flat roof dormer that opens up more loft space. This newly available space can become a living area, two bedrooms, or even a bedroom and an en suite bathroom.

We offer every service regarding mansard loft conversions, including a considerable amount of lot conversion experience, hands-on installation of a mansard extension, support during the entire process, and a free consultation before the building works have even begun.


What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

A mansard conversion, named after French architect François Mansart, extends a sloped roof into a new internal space. They are typically built for extra space and turn part of the loft into a new room within the roof.

Mansard loft conversions make more available space by effectively adding a brand new room in the existing roof, creating floor space as part of the attic conversion. They are often built with Velux windows to get natural light and can work for multiple loft types.

Best Mansard Loft Conversion Installers Near Me

We offer our mansard loft conversion services to any client that needs them, aiming to complete mansard loft conversions quickly, efficiently, and to a high standard of quality. We aim to make each mansard loft conversion bespoke for every individual client.

Since every home is different and every client needs specific things, our mansard conversions are aimed at their specific needs first and foremost. We can offer anything from rear mansard dormer conversion work to specially made French doors for the rear dormer.

How much do Mansard Loft Conversions cost?

Our no-obligation quote allows you to see how much a mansard loft conversion would cost under specific circumstances and what you could do to reduce the cost of your mansard loft conversion. We always try to stick within a client’s budget.

Price Variation

The construction work involved in making a mansard loft conversion can have a highly varied price. Like any loft conversion or dormer conversion, the cost depends on things like head height and floor space, complexity, scale, and the materials and labour needed for the conversion.


Is my home suitable for a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Mansard loft conversion work can be done on most houses, from terraced houses to detached and semi-detached homes.

Terrace houses can sometimes have issues with loft conversions if they have limited space, but semi-detached houses do not have this problem.

As long as your roof can support a mansard - even a rear mansard - you can get one of these loft conversions done.

This means that bungalows also have these converted mansard roofs as an option. However, listed buildings may not allow a loft conversion such as this.

Flat Roof Homes

If your home has a flat roof, then this conversion may not be as easy since there is no slope to build off. However, we can provide alternative loft extensions that have the same basic benefits and functions.

Pros and cons of Mansard Loft Conversions

A Mansard loft conversion can offer:

  • Far more roof and lot space.
  • High flexibility - the room can be used for almost anything.
  • A lot of customisations during the construction work (materials, etc.).

However, the conversions also run into problems like:

  • Almost always needing planning permission.
  • High overall costs compared to other conversions.
  • A lot of construction is needed.

Do you need planning permission for a Mansard Loft Conversion?

This kind of conversion requires you to seek planning permission since the loft conversion makes major changes to the roof. Even a rear dormer means adding a new roof section to a sloped roof, as well as significantly changing the loft.

The alterations made to the property during the conversion always need planning permission due to this.
Smaller additions like windows can fall under permitted development rights, but you need planning permissions to install a mansard loft conversion.

This is even more true with conservation areas. Keep in mind that you may also have to consider the Party Wall Act, giving neighbours a chance to complain to your local authority if your loft conversion would cause problems for them.

Dormer vs Mansard Loft Conversions

Small dormers do not offer much room, even if they let natural light in. A dormer conversion might work on a terraced London home, but it is not as useful in a semi-detached or detached house with much more property flexibility.

Mansard loft conversions can give your property much more room and a lot more control over your indoor spaces. The only limits are building regulations and your budget, meaning that you can end up with a large attic space and plenty of free room to enjoy.

What space can I create with a Mansard loft conversion?

Many people use mansard lofts to create new bedrooms and bathrooms, spaces that can't easily be created using a gable end conversion.

As long as you have the space, you can turn a mansard loft into almost anything since it just becomes another room.

Whether the loft is at the front, side or rear of your house does not matter. The end results are always the same, and you have far more floor space to work with.

Why Choose Architectural Designers?

We offer far more options than the average loft conversion specialists, allowing our clients to choose the perfect loft options for their needs. Rather than trying to choose a pre-prepared loft design for each client, we do our work bespoke, satisfying each client’s needs and requirements ourselves.

This means that every one of our projects has been carefully crafted to fit that client rather than being pulled from a generic plan. This also lets us carefully adjust and alter our plans to every single individual task or preference we are given.



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