Loft Conversion Plans in Alltwen

Loft Conversion Plans in Alltwen

Converting existing attic space is becoming very popular for homeowners and we can create bespoke plans for this work and give you the perfect design to convert your attic.

Loft Conversion Ideas in Alltwen

Loft Conversion Ideas in Alltwen

We can help you with the design process of converting your loft into a bedroom or other social area that your family could enjoy

Loft Conversion Specialists in Alltwen

Loft Conversion Specialists in Alltwen

We will need to consider a lot of things when designing your loft, such as the size, lighting, flooring etc...

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Loft Conversion Architects in Alltwen

We are the best loft conversion specialists in Alltwen SA8 3 for homeowners looking to turn their loft space into a more useable area. This can add significant value to the property and also help you make the most of this extra area in the house. The converted loft could be transformed into another bedroom, an office, a gym, a child’s playroom, or other work and rooms you might need to use it for.

To enjoy more space, a lot of families consider moving home or home extensions to be the only options, however, a loft conversion can provide this extra living space and we can complete all the work you need for this. We are highly recommended and complete all of our jobs to a very high standard. Contact us today for a full breakdown of our service and a free quote for competitively priced costs.

We work with a specialist company called Find my Architect. They are experts at finding the perfect architect for your loft conversion in Alltwen and can also find you the cheapest architect available to save you money. Fill in the contact form to receive a free call or email from our team.


Having this type of facility built in your home is the ideal way of allowing you to enjoy the extra space and also design a really cool environment for yourself. There are many different designs which people decide to go for and we can help you choose what type of style you are interested in.

If you are trying to find loft conversion specialists, you have come to the right place. Our whole team of loft conversion experts can help you design and build the perfect roof space conversion to transform it into a habitable part of a house. Please feel free to get in touch with us right away if you’d like some information about the costs of our service required. Simply fill out the contact box to speak with us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Loft Conversions Room Ideas

It’s really up to you what you decide to do with your converted loft room, there're plenty of different options to choose from. We can create designs that accommodate your budget and offer exactly what you want from the project. It really depends on the size of an overall area, the maximum head height, and the kind of features you need.

In many cases, the client will choose to turn the area into an extra room for guests or so children can have their own loft spaces instead of sharing. You might like to include an en suite bathroom or a large storage section in the design to really make the most of the space. Other types of loft-conversion ideas could include games rooms, home offices, relaxation areas, art studios, and plenty of other options.

Transforming Your Loft

When looking to transform your loft, it can be a difficult construction process. As a loft conversion interior designer team, we have a 10 year plus experience and many qualifications in order to provide you with the outcome that suits your every need. Whether you want a structural engineer or architect to turn the attic into a bedroom, playroom, sitting area, or office, we may help you with structural calculation, design and create the ideal area.

Just let us know what you are looking for as we can work closely with customers across the United Kingdom to ensure that they are happy with the loft conversions we offer. Most loft conversions specialists are good but not great.

We are very reputable and have been in the industry for many years. We have a very high average rating and 100% positive customer satisfaction who have all been extremely impressed with the service received. If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch by using the green contact box found below.

A loft conversion will increase the value of your home and make sure that you have all the space you require. We will take you through the whole process and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can offer a great rear extension for your home in Alltwen and will ensure we are covered with public liability insurance to protect you.

If you are trying to find loft conversion specialists in the UK, you have come to the right place. We are known to have the right person for the job and we will ensure your loft conversions are completed to a high standard. Our growing family of architects are all fully licensed with years of experience behind them.


Different Types of Loft Conversions

We offer every type of loft conversion across the UK. This includes the popular dormer loft conversion which allows us to create a 90-degree wall by adding a cube structure to a sloping roof. We have completed many dormer loft conversions across the UK that include some great dormer windows.

Hip to gable conversions is when a slanted roof is replaced with a straight, vertical wall, essentially replacing the roof with a new room. We have completed hip to gable loft conversions many times in the past and are always more than happy in assisting you with this job. This is highly recommended for a semi-detached house.

Mansard loft conversions are also one of our many loft conversion jobs. Although they are very similar to a dormer loft conversion, we still get the opportunity to complete the mansard conversion quite often. Mansard conversions often look softer than dormer conversions from the outside due to their slanted face and they usually take more work. 

Local Loft Conversion Companies in Alltwen

There are lots of things to think about when looking into loft conversion companies. You’ll need to make sure that the project is feasible and the end result will be safe for use. As a loft conversion company, we can check the conditions and layout of your attic and then come up with some ideas of loft conversions to suit the area. It’s important to measure the space you’ve got to make sure there is enough head height to stand up and use the room comfortably.

As we are a professional loft conversion company, we also look at the pitch angle of an existing roof as well as the size of internal walls to assess how much space you’ve got overall. Our loft conversion specialist architects in Alltwen SA8 3 can then start coming up with the designs you want to suit the budget you have got available. We are a family run business and know the ins and outs of the industry.

These can incorporate many different features including built-in storage, bathroom, skylights, stairs, Velux windows, and whatever else you might need. Whether you are looking for an attic conversion, kitchen extension or another form of home extension we are able to provide you with everything you need to convert your home. 

Loft Conversion Costs

For every project, the loft-conversion costs can vary as it really depends on what you want to use the space for. There're lots of options to consider including first-floor reinforcement, heating, light, staircases, decoration, and plumbing.

The different loft conversions that we provide can all have an effect on our prices but we would be happy to discuss this with you. If you have got a certain budget in mind and are looking to have your loft converted, we could create a specification to fit with this so the building work carried out is affordable for you.

In most cases, planning permission required will be the first, most important step and checking permitted development building regulations before you even consider the designs for your loft conversion. Planning permission allows construction to begin and lets us take over the job. We can take care of everything you require for your loft conversion including designs and construction.

There are quite a few external costs including moving costs, stamp duty, estate agents fees and the costs of home improvements when moving house. Plans are sent to a local authority for approval and then construction can begin.

Loft conversion in your home can add more value to the property so it can end up being much more cost-effective in the long run. Loft conversions create a great liveable space for homeowners across the UK.

If you decided to sell the house, it would be worth more than it previously was with an existing loft. This is one of the many advantages that come with having the attic converted. We also offer cellar conversions and construction so feel free to ask us for more information now. 


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There are many options when it comes to loft conversions in Alltwen SA8 3 so don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information on having a new loft conversion completed.

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