Basement Conversion

Basement Conversion

It's becoming very common for homeowners to convert basements into usable space, and we can create bespoke plans for this work with a range of designs.

Room Ideas

Room Ideas

We can give you plenty of ideas of how to convert your cellar into the perfect room for your home.

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Basement Conversion

We offer specialist services regarding basement conversion for homeowners looking to create a more usable underground space. These areas can often be renovated and used as extra bedrooms, offices, games rooms or anything else that might be needed. Each project will require a unique design and our architects can plan this out for you to make sure it’s just right. We’ll consider the overall appearance as well as the structure and safety of this building work. Our aim is to deliver the best quality end result which should be perfectly suited to what you need and is in-keeping with your budget.

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Please contact us now if you've got any questions about the architectural design services that we offer. We’d be happy to talk about the costs for this work and offer some advice on what would be best for your project.

Cellar Conversion Experts

By converting a cellar you can create valuable extra space for your family to use at home. This can even add value to your house should you ever decide to sell it and move somewhere new. You might decide to turn the area into a playroom, entertainment area or an extra living room. It’s totally up to you, and our team are here to offer advice along every step of the way to help make the perfect design.

You’ll need to consider a number of things when it comes to a basement room ideas conversions. Some of these include waterproofing, electricity supply, access to the cellar, and your overall design requirements. It’s important to include waterproof systems within the construction as the basement will be underground and therefore surrounded by soil which soaks up water very easily. Even a small amount of damp or moisture getting into the cellar can cause a lot of problems. Other factors like heating, hygiene and lighting should also be planned out thoroughly.

Our team of experts can talk you through all of these different variables and help make sure that the end result would be safe and durable. The benefit of converting a cellar or a loft is that you won’t have to consider any major changes to the outside of your house by extending or completing external building work.

Transforming your Cellar

If you're looking to transform your cellar into a new basement room, we are on hand to offer you our expert advice. As we have the right specialist knowledge and experience, we understand what works best when carrying out a basement conversion so you are always in safe hands when working with us. You just need to tell us what you're looking for and we can work with you to find you perfect cellar that is ideal to what you are looking to achieve. Simply let us know what you'd like and a member of our team will get back to you shortly with everything you need to know. 

Basement Room Ideas

If you don’t already have something in mind, you may be looking at a few basement room ideas to decide what to do with the space. Depending on the size and shape of your converted area, there are lots of options to choose from in order to make an attractive and functional room. You could turn it into an extra living space with sofas and a TV screen for enjoying films, or even a games room with a pool table and arcade machine.

Lots of people like to create a private office with the redesigned cellar conversion where they can work quietly away from the rest of the house. Sometimes the area might be used as a home gym with different types of equipment, or maybe a fun children’s playroom. It could even be used as a guest bedroom with en suite and storage facilities to keep any clutter out of the main house.

It’s totally up to what you want and how you’re going to use the downstairs room after the conversion. We can offer our advice on the architectural planning to help you get the perfect finish for your budget. Let us know if you'd like to find out any further information regarding any of our services including garage conversion and much more! 

Basement Conversion Cost

When it comes to the cost of converting a basement, it really does vary because each project is so different. If the work requires excavating further into the ground to increase the head height, this will cost considerably more than just redesigning the existing space. Other factors like the ground conditions, local water table, drainage systems and planning applications can also affect the costs.


We would be happy to talk through our pricing information and create an architectural plan that will be best suited to your budget. It is our aim to make this work as affordable as possible and provide the best finished result for every client.

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