Commercial Architects

Commercial Architects

Our specialist commercial architect services are completed to the highest of standards and always leave customers happy.

Commercial Architect Costs

Commercial Architect Costs

Depending on the size and structure of the job, the service cost can vary but we can work with you to stay within your budget.

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Commercial Architects

Commercial buildings live and die by their eye-catching designs. Our team of experienced commercial architects can offer a wide range of different private commercial architecture and construction options, aiming for creative solutions and excellent project quality in every situation.

If you need commercial projects or any kind of urban design work involving architecture, our designers and commercial architects have the skills and expertise needed to completely overhaul your design and create something brand new.

Why Use Commercial Architects?

Commercial architecture focuses on the architecture of buildings used for business purposes or commercial reasons. Whether you need interior designers or exterior architecture planners, our experienced staff are able to help plan out the construction, decoration and improvement of your space.

Offices and Office Towers

Office buildings need to be suitable for work purposes. Most offices are designed to help employees stay focused and to push for more innovation, but a good office should also create a large number of ways for employees to stay clear-headed and deal with commercial clients or customers properly.

Our work on office buildings can focus heavily on interior design, keeping facilities accessible in city office areas where being able to discuss work and staying focused are of high importance. Unlike a retail or service building, an office also needs to help employees achieve individual goals in peace.

Retail Commercial Buildings

Retail commercial buildings involve appealing to customers: it should present them with products, get them involved in waiting to make a purchase, and communicate what they can find on the property. There should also be good light in all corners and enough open spaces to let people funnel around properly.

When we design retail spaces, our architects and engineers treat the building like a shop, even if it is not set up for commercial business yet. Having our team identify aspects of a commercial business (like potential display areas) can be important when planning out a building's interior design.

Factory Building Projects

Production buildings like commercial factories also require a lot of key details, something our services can provide. For example, placing machinery in ventilated areas and keeping each raised platform properly supported is important for health and safety reasons.

As architecture contractors, we know when a design is unsafe or might harm employees of the company. Structures like factories can be dangerous, but we strive to create a space that eliminates all life-endangering risks and keeps tools freely accessible in the case of an emergency.

Storage Commercial Projects

Storage buildings such as warehouses need just as much design work as any other commercial building. While they are not a conventional commercial building, our services can help with the development, design and safe use of all structures inside the warehouse building, along with the entire building itself.

The commercial architecture of a building like a warehouse is something that we can definitely include in our services, especially if the client has a storage building attached to another commercial building. The interior spaces need to be easy to navigate, future-proofed for expansion and safe overall.

What do Commercial Architects Do?

Commercial architecture will focus almost entirely on a commercial work-space or building, rather than a house or any other kind of accessible building. This can be an office building in the middle of a city as big as New York City or small commercial buildings on a street corner - they all need design plans.

Our commercial spaces architecture services aim to provide all of the architectural planning and design detail that the client needs, both for the interior and exterior of the structures in question. Listed buildings are not usually involved, but when they are, our expertise can help there, too.

Remember that every single project is different, so there is not always a single explanation of the kind of work that we do. Each client or customer will have had a very different list of requirements, ones that we have hopefully always filled perfectly.

Design Interior

The interior of a commercial building is very different to a residential building. Residential architectural design details do not work for commercial projects, and companies do not want residential plans. We are a firm believer in the design processes being bespoke for each client, centered around their company needs

Plan Expansions

Non-residential architecture often has to be ready to expand. As long as space is available, a company can eventually upgrade their building, either in the interior or from the exterior. Every expansion project builds off the existing architecture, so future-proofed architecture is the most convenient.

Know Architectural Limits

Architecture projects can go wrong if the project is pushed further than the architect should push it. Our architects are trained to know when a design is not feasible and have had practice in the real world when it comes to getting a firm, stable and safe design for a structure.

Design Appealing Commercial Spaces

Commercial architecture revolves around a commercial space, so our architects are fully prepared to create a commercial area that can draw in attention - and customers. A core service of our design offerings is to create something that suits your commercial identity and goals.

Convert Residential Buildings

Residential buildings do not have the same architectural design as commercial ones, but our architects can convert them as needed. This is useful if your business owns a property that is residential but wants a new layout and design suited for commercial use.

Research New Options

Every architect we have is willing to research new solutions to parts of the project that you need to be done in a bespoke way. For example, our architects might need to create a space while considering the sustainability of the area.

Handle Landscape Architecture

An outdoor project can have an impact on nearby nature, and sometimes a project even demands that we work with outdoor architecture specifically. Just like our regular work, our architects are firm believers in giving the client the perfect designs for their needs, no matter what it takes.

Understand Cultural Details

If your business has a certain cultural theme, either global or within the UK, then our architects can make a firm and valiant effort to create an appropriate design. If you serve customers who have global backgrounds, we avoid creating a design that might offend or make it harder for some of them to enjoy your business.

Replace Architecture

Every architect in our business is experienced at having to design new architecture, but those architects can also replace existing structures - or plan replacement options. If you have an old building that is not suitable for your needs, we can plan out a cost-effective solution.

What Now?

If you are interested in our commercial architect firm or want to get a new design for your premises, get in contact and let us know what you are looking for. Our architects are on standby and ready to design a bespoke solution to whatever problem you are having, no matter the scale.

We have worked with countless clients in the past and have developed a lot of experience through our work, making it easier than ever for us to serve a client that might not know what to do next. Our architects all know how to handle their work and can effectively carry out the project with or without your direct help.

The more we know about your situation, the easier it becomes for us to put together a solution or plan, so contact us now for a possible quote and an explanation of what we can do next. We are ready to work as soon as you need us, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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