Home Redevelopment Architects

Home Redevelopment Architects

We are professional home redevelopment architects in the UK who have plenty of experience and expert knowledge in the design and construction industry.

Property Development Drawings

Property Development Drawings

We can create professional property development drawings to ensure you receive the best quality when redeveloping your home.

Planning House Redevelopment

Planning House Redevelopment

If you are planning to redevelop your house and you would like some advice, please contact our team today and we can guide you in the right direction.

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Home Redevelopment Plans

As professional home redevelopment architects we can refurbish different areas of your property. There are many restructuring services which we can provide for you, these can be on your loft https://www.architectural-designers.co.uk/loft/, basement, garage, cellar and adding extensions.

Having a redevelopment means that you can improve your current facility and design it how you really want it to look. It also allows you to make the most out of any extra space which you have. If you are thinking you would like to redevelop your home space, it can be complicated knowing where to start.


This is where our professionals can help, as we'll provide you with the details and information which you'd need to know, as well as giving some ideas about what you can do which you might not have thought about before.

Fill out our contact form to get more details about what we have to offer, just write your details into the form on our website and we will contact you as soon as we can.

House Redevelopment Tips

There are lots of house redevelopment tips that you might not have thought about, it just depends on what you're wanting to achieve with your extra space. When you go online, there is also a lot of ideas but you have to remember that these might not be suitable for your home. That's why having an expert come and check out the facility is the best option, as they can listen to what you're wanting to have and also let you know what could be another option.

We have local planners available and are more than happy to help you with anything you need for your home development. Simply get in touch using the green contact box and fill in your details to receive more information or a free quote.

House Refurbishment Plans

When you are having a house refurbishment, it's important to use professional house redevelopment architects as they can create refurbishment plans for you to see and they follow. For the majority of extensions and home conversions https://www.architectural-designers.co.uk/extension/, it is necessary to make a planning application.

If you do not apply for planning permission and complete the work anyway, it's illegal and could cause you to get in serious trouble. Our architects can help with planning as this is another service in which we specialise. It can take some time for the planning to be approved but once it has, the work could be started. If it is declined, then there are other options that the architects can discuss with you and then apply again.

Make sure to enter your details into our form, this will allow us to speak to you about what planning you're interested in and we'll also explain things in more detail, such as the type of renovation and the cost of this project.  


Specialist Architects 

As specialist architects we are able to provide you with professional redevelopments that can transform a loft, basement https://www.architectural-designers.co.uk/basement/ or extension.

If you are looking for an added space, home improvement or just fancy a change, our team can be on hand to design and install the refurbishments that are ideal for you. We have specialist knowledge and years of experience so are able to work closely with you to find exactly what you're looking for.

Our architects can help with any service. If you require a big job such as a commercial building or a small job such as finishing touches, get in touch with us today to receive some professional advice and to see how we can help.

Home Redevelopment Cost

The cost of home redevelopment varies on numerous different factors. Once you know the scope of the work involved in your redevelopment, we can provide you with a free quote and complete this work for you in a very fast timeframe. 

It is likely that we will require full access to the property, but we are very trustworthy and have completed services for thousands of past customers. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with our team using the contact form on this page. We may be able to offer reduced rates depending on your job.

Property Development Drawings

Having property development drawings is not only important for you to see, but it's also needed as part of the planning permission. These permitted development drawings are specialists and need trained and experience architects to complete. It is important to get local authority permission before undertaking any redevelopment services.

They show the layout of the property and what will be done. This means you should see the whole property structure and make sure you're happy with it. This will be sent off as part of the planning and are thoroughly checked to be certain that it complies with regulations.

Being an architect is a specialist job that requires a lot of training, that's because you're working with new homes and properties. Therefore, you need to make sure that the building which is planned for is suitable. This is important for clients to remember before choosing a contractor.

There will be cheaper architects than others but you have to do your background research to make certain they have the experience and you can trust them to design the facility which you'd want. We recommended checking how long they have been in the industry, speak to their previous clients and check out their case studies.


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