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Flat Conversion Architects

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Flat Conversion Designs

Flat Conversion Designs

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Converted Flats UK

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Flat Conversion Plans

Flat conversion allows a larger property to be converted into multiple smaller flats, either for rental income, greater building control or just as a new house and flat design. Our expert architectural designers can offer all the services you need to get conversion flats planned out and completed with ease.

Why Bother With Flat Conversions?

Conversion flats are just like any other flat, only purpose-built out of a larger building that was no longer needed. Flat conversions are often better for renting, cheaper than a new build, and can make use of an otherwise empty building that can't be used as offices or for another development.

You can expect our expert staff to handle everything worth noting: converting a building, following regulations, splitting the building into similar units, mapping out bathroom locations, and taking care of the construction planning. But what does a flat conversion actually offer, overall?


One of the most common reasons to see flat conversions is as a rental option. Instead of a new house design that only houses one family, conversion flats are in high demand and can act as multiple properties, using the same space to bring in more rental funds without needing a new build.

Our staff are excellent at creating purpose-built spaces on the ground floor and above, making sure that residents can access important amenities and that the construction is feasible. Additional factors like relative room size are also important.

Remember that renting has certain regulations, so there will always be limits to how you can alter a building. We can help you look into the specific rules that might apply to your property, both before and after the conversion.

Planning Department/Planning Permission

While a flat conversion still needs planning approval from the local planning department, it needs less than a new build. Instead of having to fill out countless forms before you start building, you can begin planning straight away, making it easier for a building or house to be converted quickly.

This also means that you do not have to gather more information after planning. Our expert help following building regulations makes flat conversion a short-term process, getting around some of the delays you expect from local authority or local council planning permission.


A purpose-built house can easily be converted into a space that will benefit multiple families, create more ways for you to invest in your property, and make it easier to rent without worrying about a house sale. However, most people prefer flats to be separate rather than one connected property.

Through some simple construction planning, we can create a space with all of the necessary amenities in each flat, including bathrooms, gas, water, electricity, heating systems and possibly even a shared garage. Our services are aimed at setting up a flat without making an entirely new build.

Construction can take a while, depending on the scale of the project. The more work that needs to be done, the longer it can take to have every single fat up and available, so this will factor into the plan that we produce.


While it costs money to go through with a flat conversion, there are different building regulations and laws surrounding houses compared to flats. It is possible to end up with some of the best mortgage rates possible, more opportunities for investment, an increased sell value, or easier budgeting.

Of course, all of this varies depending on the flats, their value, the price they are being rented for, how often people pay, and other factors. Speak to our experts if you want to know more about how converting properties into flats can impact details like this before you get carried away.

Thinking Ahead

A lot of additional factors go into flats besides building regulations and floor plans, but flats are also a great investment, and the construction of a property conversion opens up a lot of options. How the project develops depends on your needs and the original house or property that you are converting.

A property conversion is not as flexible as a 'true' new build, but when you transform offices or housing into flats, you also get more control over the details. Future-proofing elements of the design, like doors to other properties or leaving room for expansion, can always be useful once you convert.

Property Improvements

Since the entire property is being converted, there are more ways to tweak the features and appliances installed in the property. Things like new utility meters and fire safety equipment can raise the value of the flats, and a garage can be split into two garage spaces if it is large enough.

If you want more details about what is on offer or how we can help, contact us and leave whatever personal details are relevant about your soon-to-be-converted property. The more we know about the layout and size, the easier it will be for us to design the perfect plan and layout.

Should I Create Conversion Flats?

A flat gives you three things that you do not get from a regular building: control, income and versatility. The conversion of properties into flats means that you get to control how the new build looks and how large it is - and we can tailor the flats to your preferences.

Conversion flats have a lot of options and can be designed in effectively any way that turns them into multiple rooms or units, but the limitations depend on the original building. All flats have to be bespoke since there are not any standardised layouts or patterns for the designs to follow.

Even once the conversion is planned out, the project is not done until the work is completed. Everything can be done with your approval, meaning that you can adjust things like whether or not to separate a large garage into two rooms or how much ground each flat should get as a yard/garden.

The property becomes much more adaptable at this point, whether you are in London or as far away from London as possible. Our services are all about offering expert advice, planning out the conversion, and making sure your property functions - so contact us as soon as you are ready.

What Next?

Our services are open to any client, no matter the scale of the project, so be sure to get in touch if you think you need our help. We can handle a lot of work that other companies might not even consider, and we are fully committed to helping you create the best property you can design.

Whether you want to rent the properties out, keep them for friends and family, or are simply looking to put it on the market as soon as the conversion is done, our services can cover everything you might need to consider about changing your property from a single home into a collection of flats.

Get in touch, and we can help you decide what is right for you, your property or the potential tenants that might end up living there. Even if you have no idea where to start, getting even some basic details can help us draw up a plan that will last a long, long time.


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